The Occasional Cake


The Wedding Cake

Tall and elegant, a statuesque dessert in shades of white stands the wedding cake. It has been chosen specifically to celebrate the union of two people. They have decided to join their lives, and cake represents their vows to share their future as one. The flavour is contained within a frosted or fondant cover that has been hand-crafted to celebrate this important life event. Whether one level or many tiers, this cake will be remembered for many decades to come.

For centuries, wedding cakes have been a symbolic part of weddings. The bride and groom cut the cake together and feed each other. This represents the love and future they will both share. After the cake cutting ceremony, pieces of cake are distributed to the guests. They will also share in the future of the happy couple. There are few weddings these days that make do without this beautiful ceremony. What has changed is the decorating and flavors of the cake.

Modern wedding cakes now come in a wide variety of flavors. Cake makers have recognized that the standard of plain chocolate and vanilla are no longer the choice for people who want the perfect wedding. Couples have expanded their tastes to include such favorites as white chocolate with raspberry filling, coconut with lime filling and red velvet. Frosting flavors have also changed and are formulated to match the taste of the cake within them.

While many couples still opt for white or off-white frosted wedding cakes, there has been a huge change in the decoration of wedding cakes. The use of color has been added. Many cakes are now decorated with colored flowers, birds and other shapes that show the interests of the bride and groom. Fondant is being used more and more as a cake covering. It is easy to mix in a variety of colors and adorn with a wide variety of edible shapes.