The Occasional Cake


The Cupcake Trend

Desserts have taken a huge hit in recent years as health experts try to convince people to cut calories. Fortunately for cake, there is a...


The Wedding Cake

Tall and elegant, a statuesque dessert in shades of white stands the wedding cake. It has been chosen specifically to celebrate the union of two...


Cake Decor

Frosted cakes have been a staple dessert for many years. They have been used to celebrate special occasions with personalized decorations. Many of these cakes...

Nearly every occasion in life includes a meal and dessert. One of the more popular desserts is cake. It is a good choice because it can be made in many sizes, styles and flavours. It is almost unimaginable to have a birthday, anniversary or wedding without a cake. They are perfect for celebrating holidays, special events such as graduation and even for celebrating no event at all. Cakes are sweet and offer flavors such as chocolate, spice cake and nearly any fruit flavor. They can be served plain, with no icing. For special events, they can be decorated with just icing or embellished to resemble nearly any form. Special occasions can be observed with cakes that are shaped as favorite characters. For variety and utility, cake is the often the perfect dessert.